One of the reasons I love the internet is because it provides me with so much wonderful inspiration, right at my fingertips. More and more over the last couple of years, I dream about being able to create beautiful and fun things for a living. Here are 6 fabulous ladies with incredible creative businesses whose work never fails to inspire me!

Source: @studiodiy Source: @studiodiy

Kelly Mindell
(Studio DIY)

I’m not even going to pretend that I could pull off half of the outfits in Kelly’s closet, but she definitely inspires me to push my comfort zone. Not only is Kelly a creative genius, she is such a brilliant business woman! Aside from the normal ways to monetize your blog, Kelly has released her own products over the years. She sells everything from DIY halloween costume kits (which if you haven’t seen her costumes yet, check them out ASAP) to emoji balloons. Kelly also recently came up with the genius business model of a clutch subscription with the cutest name, Can’t Clutch This. But the cuteness doesn’t stop with Kelly, her and her husband Jeff are pretty much the definition of #couplegoals. Jeff is her photographer sidekick and I love following how they work together as a team in their business and raising their adorable son, Arlo.

Source: @sugarandcloth Source: @sugarandcloth

Ashley Rose
(Sugar & Cloth)

Fellow Texan and creator of all things pretty, I absolutely love just about everything that Ashley creates. I typically am not drawn to more modern styling but she kills it with adding the perfect fun and feminine touches to everything she does. Just like Kelly and Jeff Mindell, Ashley and her husband (Jared Smith) make the perfect creative team! As a marketer, I always am paying attention to sponsored content, and Ashley kills it with the sponsored content. She has produced beautiful content with some huge brands, including Clorox, State Farm, and Amazon.

Source: @elsielarson Source: @elsielarson

Elsie Larson
(A Beautiful Mess and Oui Fresh)

Elsie is the first blogger I ever followed. I remember stumbling upon A Beautiful Mess in high school and being so inspired for photography, fashion, and other DIY projects. There is no doubt that Elsie’s work has been a huge part of my passion to pursue creating content online and building my own personal brand. Elsie and her sister (Emma) have done amazing things over the years through A Beautiful Mess. They offer some great digital courses for editing and social media management, have a stationery subscription (Happy Mail), and created their own apparel company (Oui Fresh) which recently announced the addition of a natural cosmetics line. As if that isn’t a big enough list of accomplishments, she also is one of the creators of my favorite editing app, A Color Story (which btw, did you see that they just started selling presets?!).

Source: @brit Source: @brit

Brit Morin
(Brit + Co)

Brit Morin is the founder of Brit + Co, one of my favorite brands! If you aren’t familiar with Brit + Co, it is a media company that offers fabulous creative courses for women and a great resource for articles about everything from beauty to current events. In case you haven’t caught on yet, Brit + Co is pretty much the ultimate girl boss hub. You also may have seen some of Brit + Co’s product lines at Target. Whether you’re looking for a planner to organize your content calendar or a diy project kit, Brit + Co is always providing creative inspiration to women.

Source: @ohjoy Source: @ohjoy

Joy Cho
(Oh Joy)

If having your own line at Target isn’t living the dream, what is? Joy Cho is the creative mind behind the Oh Joy line you’ll find at Target. Her line offers everything from cute little onesies with fun patterns to the cutest colorful furniture. I love when you see someone’s work and it just makes you happy, that is exactly how Joy’s work makes me feel. I think she is such a wonderful example of being a girl boss and an awesome mom. I remember back in July she posted a photo of her family in front of a Target display. In her caption she confessed to having a lot of “mom guilt” over running her own business and the busyness that comes hand in hand with that. But she also expressed what a beautiful thing it is to show your daughters that anything is possible and how their family values celebrating each other’s successes. While I doubt that I will ever have a business even a fraction of the size of hers, I hope I can be an awesome boss girl AND mom like her. Side note: her daughters are the absolute cutest and it is worth following her on Instagram just to see them in her stories.

Source: @jordanferney Source: @jordanferney

Jordan Ferney
(Oh Happy Day and The Color Factory)

If there is a feed that will brighten up your day and give you creative inspo, it is Oh Happy Day! Jordan is the founder of Oh Happy Day and more recently, The Color Factory! If you’ve never heard of Oh Happy Day, it is the CUTEST party supply shop that has absolutely incredible marketing. Whether it’s a great pun spelled out on a wall with balloon letters or a donut color wheel, their content is always original, eye catching, and just flat out fun. Her latest project, The Color Factory, is a pop up in San Francisco that’s all about color! If this yellow ball pit isn’t what dreams are made of, what is?!

What girl bosses inspire you? Drop their names in the comments below!

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