Photography by the wonderful Kylie Hull

In the fall, I won an Instagram giveaway with Flea Style and had the opportunity to host an event in their beautiful event space. I’ve been wanting to host an event with some creative friends so this was the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, this happened to land during the worst of my first trimester morning sickness and I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked to with the event (BUT it still was a wonderful time with some dear friends).

The goal of this event was for creatives to get together over brunch, share what creative projects they’ve been working on, and for everyone to give feedback. In a world that is so digital, it is rare to have face to face interactions with others about your work. All creatives know that while Instagram can be full of wonderful things, it can also be full of comparisons and loneliness.  

Interested in hosting an event like this for your creative community?
Here are some things to consider as you plan…
(Again, I didn’t do this all perfectly since I was so sick but live and learn!)

  • Choose a space that will be comfortable for everyone. Ideally, someone’s home is great (and a free option) but a small event space can be a great setting as well.
  • Give everyone an idea of what to present. A great outline is to do a basic introduction of themselves, what they’ve been working on lately, and what they hope to do in the future.
  • Be mindful of how everyone will present. Physical examples of work are ideal but it is not necessarily practical for everyone to print their work. I also brought a projector for everyone to use with a laptop (though the room was SO BRIGHT with no shades – so definitely remember to consider the room ahead of time).
  • Ask everyone to bring a snack or drink to share. Food makes any event better and there is no reason to put all that work on just you!
  • Creatives are busy people. Encourage people that even if they don’t have time to prep ahead of time, they are still welcome!
  • If many people at the event won’t already know each other, bring a sheet or send a digital document with everyone’s username and info.

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