Remember when I started this series in January? HA! Between the twins being born, moving, and a worldwide pandemic, it’s only taken me nine months to get back to it! 


Since we FINALLY got our family heirloom piano moved to our house, I’m planning out what art to put above it. We already have several gallery walls in the works so I wanted to get a large poster as a statement piece (preferably music related). I found these posters on Etsy and they are exactly what I envisioned. The Sufjan Stevens one is on my Christmas wish list!


I’ve just recently gotten into Youtube. I know, I know. I’m 10 years late to this one. My 21 year old sister has teased me plenty about this. While I’ve obviously used Youtube somewhat regularly for years, having a smart TV and a lot of “free time” feeding the babies is perfect for some Youtube content. While I’m sure I’ll highlight what channels I’ve been following in other future blog posts, a few of my favorites include Alexa Sunshine83 (fashion & thrifting), James Hoffman (coffee), and Epic Gardening (Urban Gardening).



We’ve been wanting an espresso machine for a while and after 6 months of quarantining, we finally got one! One of the main things that held us back from purchasing one was the cost of a quality machine. The ROK was the most budget friendly option we found (that still will make a decent shot) and we love that it’s sustainably made and completely manual. They also make quality manual grinders if you’re in the market for one (we don’t own one but I’ve heard good feedback from others). 



While we technically went at the end of September, The Art of The Pumpkin exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is the perfect fall activity. We kept our masks on other than to take a few pictures and it was such a refreshing way to get out of the house. 



I’ve only listened to the first few episodes so far, but I am absolutely loving this refreshing and uplifting podcast. If you enjoyed her book, Becoming, you won’t be disappointed. So far, one of my favorite episodes has been The Gift of Girlfriends where Michelle sits down with some of her girlfriends and they discuss what it was like to befriend the First Lady and the importance of friendship.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful October. I think we all are trying to figure out what the approaching holiday season will look like this year. While it will be very different than our norm, I’m still looking forward to the hope and joy that the season brings!

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