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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me rave about Facebook Marketplace. Maybe you are a fellow fanatic or maybe you have no idea what the big hype is all about. If you’re the latter, I’d love to walk you through a little Facebook Marketplace crash course.

I think it’s worth noting that a good amount of my home is items that I’ve gotten off of Facebook Marketplace. It has been an excellent resource for me to furnish our home sustainably and within our budget. 

While I’ve gotten SO MANY items on Facebook Marketplace, I’d have to say that some of my favorites include our dining room buffet, this peacock fireplace screen, and a swan basket that I keep in the nursery. A lot of people have told me that they haven’t had much luck finding items on Marketplace so I decided to go ahead and put together a little guide


Selling on Marketplace is an easy way to make some extra money. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about shipping items and that the buyers will come to me.  

Things to include in a listing…

  • Good images of the actual item you are selling (professional product images can be included, but the real item you are selling needs to be pictured)
  • Good description and photos of any damage or imperfections
  • Include keywords that people might be searching
  • Measurements (if applicable)
  • A zip code or general area where you live and whether you want to meet buyer or sell via porch pick up
  • Selling price
  • Payment options
  • If the item is crossposted (posted on multiple groups)



In addition to Marketplace, you can also join local private groups in your neighborhood or city. I like these groups because you’re less likely to be ghosted or scammed. Since the groups are private, bad buyers/sellers will be reported and removed. There are also usually strict policies about the kind of items that can be posted to maintain quality control. Plus, it makes life so much easier when you can pick up things so close to your home. 



A fan of a specific clothing brand or a certain era of vintage furniture? Topical Buy/Sell/Trade pages are a great way to find items to fit your niche interest. I’m in B/S/T pages for baby clothing brands that I love, mid century home decor, and shops that I love but can’t necessarily afford new like Anthropology.



If you’ve scrolled through Marketplace with zero luck finding things, here are some tips to help you out… 

  • Curate your Marketplace feed: the algorithm probably doesn’t know what you’re looking for. I search things like “mid century furniture”, “MCM”, vintage planters”, and things along those lines. The more you intentional search for these things, the more similar listings will automatically be in your feed. You can also search for brand names that you like.
  • Use Marketplace often: I get on Marketplace and buy/sell/pages ALL THE TIME (the good items go fast) and frequently search the keywords of items I like. 
  • Look on Marketplace before you buy new: Not only is this a sustainable practice, it will also save you so much money!
  • Be patient: For purchases that aren’t time sensitive, give it some time. Sometimes I find the perfect piece after weeks and weeks of looking on Marketplace.



One of my favorite types of items to get on Marketplace is furniture, unfortunately I don’t have a truck or trailer to pick up bigger items. Gozova is a Fort Worth based App that allows you to schedule pick up and deliveries with ease. I recently bought a patio set on Marketplace and after sending my payment to the seller via Venmo, a Gozova team picked up the patio set that evening and set it up on our back patio. It is the perfect service for when you need help moving but don’t need a full home moving service (though they do offer that as well).

If you use Gozova, be sure to use the code, “JESSICA-IRVIN” for 10% off your first order.


If you’re buying/selling in a FB group, be sure to read that specific group’s rules. If you don’t follow them, you can get kicked out of the group. Here is some general etiquette to keep in mind while shopping on Marketplace…

  • As a Marketplace buyer, try to coordinate to pick up your item in a timely manner (within the next few days)
  • Pay the way the seller prefers 
  • Don’t ghost the seller – communicate if you change your mind on an item
  • Try to give people 24 hrs to respond to your messages 



I’m sure some of you might be questioning the safety of buying items from individuals on the internet, especially when it requires going to their home or giving them your personal address. While I’ve never had a bad experience, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • If you don’t want someone coming to your home, offer to deliver the item or to meet in a safe and public place.
  • Consider letting someone know when you are going to pickup an item and where you’ll be.
  • Don’t send an exact address to the seller until the day of pickup and/or they have sent payment.
  • Know that groups tend to have less safety and fraud issues since any problematic sellers/buyers are removed from the group.
  • Pay attention to Facebook Marketplace reviews (new feature – so a buyer or seller might not necessarily have reviews yet)
  • Look at the profile of the buyer/seller. If a profile looks spammy (no profile picture, stock looking photos, etc.), don’t be afraid to ignore it.



  • F or Following: the commenter is “Following” the post and wants to be notified of other comments
  • PM or DM: Sending private/direct message, usually to ask question about product or discuss details
  • ISO: In Search Of item, the person isn’t selling an item
  • Want: Claiming and committing to buy an item
  • Next: Next In Line for an item
  • Bump: A comment for a person is trying to get their post to the top of the feed
  • NWT: New With Tags
  • NWOT: New Without Tags
  • NIB: New In Box
  • EUC: Excellent Used Condition
  • GU/GUC: Good Used Condition
  • Cross Posted: the item is listed in multiple places
  • NH: No Holds
  • FCFA: First Come, First Available
  • PPU: Depending on context, sold Pending Pick Up or Porch Pick Up

What treasures have you scored on Facebook Marketplace? I want to hear all about it!

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