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If you’ve ever put together a baby registry, you are well aware of the fact that there are SO MANY baby products out there. Unfortunately, you really don’t need many of them and your baby might outgrow them before you get any use out of them. Here is a round up of some of the products that we use daily and have been well worth the investment. 


The twins have primarily been bottle fed, so we’ve gotten a LOT of use out of our bottles! We started out with Dr. Browns bottles because that is what the NICU used and they offered the preemie nipples, but we have transitioned to the Como Tomo bottles now. One of the main reasons I love these bottles is because they are so much easier to clean than the Dr. Browns bottles were.


These are definitely on the pricier end of baby products, but if you have multiples I think they’re a must! I didn’t splurge for the covers but the entire thing is washable if you have any accidents (which you will). Especially when they were little, I loved having a safe place to put them while doing dishes, cleaning, etc. I definitely recommend finding them used online or waiting to purchase during their black Friday sale (I got ours BOGO that way).



We love our Loveverly play mat! There are a ton of options for play mats but I chose this one because…

1- It’s one of the cuter options for play mats

2- It’s on the bigger side and I can fit both babies on it if needed

3- It doubles as a tent when the kids get older

The Play Gym comes with some hanging toys, cards and a little mirror that can go into a slot on the side of the mat, and the piece that transforms it into a tent.


I love this changing pad! As comfy as fabric changing pads are, they kind of gross me out and it’s just another thing to wash. This changing pad sits perfectly on top of a dresser and can easily be wiped clean between each use. Similar (but more expensive) alternatives to this changing pad are the Hatch, Skip Hop, and Bumbo.


We’ve tried so many different types of pacifiers and the BIBS are by far our favorite. Not only are they the cutest, we found that the babies held them in their mouth the best. They come in a wide variety of colors so if you’re a twin parent and color coordinating is your thing, you will love this option. We started out keeping the twins pacifiers separate, but that didn’t last long. haha


Every mom knows that a good baby carrier is a staple to have! I love my Happy Baby Carrier because it isn’t bulky like so many baby carriers on the market and the babies stay safe and secure while I’m moving around. Another big plus to this brand is that they offer multiple color and design options, because you shouldn’t have to settle for only black!


Just like for my own clothing, I see a lot of value in purchasing a few quality products instead of a ton of cheaper options. My favorite clothing brand has quickly become KYTE because their products are SO SOFT (made out of bamboo), perfect for sensitive skin, made sustainably, super duper cute, and based in North Texas. Their sleeveless rompers are currently my favorite pieces and I look forward to the babies using their sleep sacks once we stop swaddling them. 


All I can say is that this product is a LIFE SAVER when trying to get out of the house with an infant. Instead of having to buckle your baby in multiple times, the Snap-N-Go allows you to easily transfer your little one while keeping them in their car seat. I love how lightweight this piece is and it makes twin life so much easier (double version here).


I cannot speak highly enough of this mini crib! Until we found out we were having twins, I didn’t even know mini cribs existed. I highly recommend skipping a bassinet and going straight to a mini crib (which typically lasts until babies are 3 years old). These cribs also fold up and move easily if you need to tuck them away for any reason. These cribs come with a thin mattress (the equivalent of a pack n play mattress, so we just invested in some thicker mattresses to switch out.


The twins both LOVE bath time and I think a lot of it has to do with our Blooming Bath. Instead of a cold and hard countertop bathtub, this cozy padded piece fits right into your sink. It’s also machine washable and super easy to clean whenever bath time accidents happen.


If you’re putting together a baby registry, I hope this is a helpful guide of products to consider. For all you mamas out there, what are some of your favorite products?


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