Do you love some sarcasm and 90’s nostalgia? The Internet Cafe 2 is the place for you. This coffee shop in Dallas might be small but it is packed full of gems, including floppy disk coasters, the pink sofa of your dreams, that orange Tupperware pitcher your mom had when you were a kid, lunch trays, and a surprisingly photogenic bathroom.

Internet Cafe 2 Bathroom Telephone

The pink door at the entrance of the cafe is the just the beginning of tons of millennial pink accents (which I think we all know I’m a fan of), from a wall of pink mugs and polaroid prints to a pink toilet.

Internet Cafe 2 Computer
Internet Cafe 2 Menu

Definitely know that this coffee shop is more about the overall experience than top of the line coffee. I ordered a cappuccino and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t anything extra extraordinary. BUT their sugar squares have glitter icing! I repeat, the sugar squares have GLITTER ICING!

Internet Cafe 2 Lunch Tray
Internet Cafe 2 Pink Mug Wall

Owners, Paul and Megan Wilkes are not new to the restaurant industry, they are also co-owners of the best pie shops in Dallas, Emporium Pies. I can’t wait to see what other fabulous business ideas they have up their sleeves!

Internet Cafe 2 Floor
Jessica S. Irvin at the Internet Cafe 2


1333 Plowman Ave, Dallas, TX 75203

Free WiFi: 

M-F: 7AM-4PM
Sat-Sun: 8AM-4PM

Some private parking spaces and public street parking.

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