Twin Rainbow Nursery Tour

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Hello! Since COVID is as bad as ever and we are still stuck at home, I figured it’s about time I give you all a nursery room tour! I still have a few projects I’d like to do in this room (when is any space truly finished?), but for the most part, it is complete.

When I was pregnant and started planning their nursery, I was so bored with most of the gender-neutral nurseries that I was finding on Pinterest. Most are neutral colors and everything but fun.  It really bums me out that boy nurseries are especially dull and that most fun colors are labeled as “girly”. My goal was for our boy/girl twin nursery to be anything but neutral! My rainbow babies deserved a fun and vibrant space that made them as happy as they make me.

The first pieces I got (that I kind of designed the nursery around) were these "Lagoon" Babyletto Mini Cribs. I found one on FB marketplace and family gifted us another one to match. I LOVE these cribs and am now a huge advocate for mini cribs. There really isn’t a need for full-size cribs and it just saves so much room, especially if you’re a twin parent and need to fit two cribs in one room. 

One of our most used spaces (unfortunately) is our diaper changing station. This rolling cart is the perfect storage for all of our diaper changing and feeding staples. I love that we can repurpose it when the twins get older. I’ll probably use it in our future playroom for craft supplies or other kids activities. I can not recommend this changing pad enough! I love that it sits perfectly on top of any dresser and it can easily be wiped clean (unlike changing pads with fabric covers). This dresser is one of my most sentimental pieces in the nursery because it was actually my mom's when she was a kid, plus it ties in some mid-century vibes into our nursery. Since our home was built in the 60s I’m trying to incorporate some decor from the era it was built in. Our Diaper pail is the Ubbi, it has a perfect seal and never smells! While it’s a chore to regularly empty it, I’d definitely prefer that over having to take diapers to the garage after every diaper change. Definitely recommend!

Now for the fun stuff, the play area and toy storage! I couldn’t find any toy storage that I loved, so I bought this storage bench on Facebook Marketplace and painted it yellow for a pop of color. I just put toys directly in the shelves but they are the correct size for cube storage if that is something you would want. These pillows are from Target's Pillowfort collection and are intended for the kids to use while looking at books. The yellow bench perfectly matches this Ruggable rug which is the dream kids room rug! It is machine washable so I can easily clean it if we have any accidents (which we definitely do). The twins also spend so much time playing with their Everearth activity center, another Facebook Marketplace find of mine!

For wall decor, I started out with a gallery wall featuring art from people and artists I love. A lot of these pieces are one of a kind but I will link some sources below this photo…


Embroidery | Calendar | Magnetic Letterboard | "Have A Nice Day" | Small Abstract | Abstract Pair | Large Abstract | Rainbow

I absolutely love and will forever treasure this Elton John quote banner. My mom and I worked together on it and it makes me so happy! 

On the other side of the nursery, I painted this rainbow mural. It is exactly what the space needed and will serve as a perfect photo backdrop as the twins get older.

If you're planning your own rainbow nursery, I've curated my favorite rainbow nursery products here:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

What I’ve Been Loving Lately: October

Remember when I started this series in January? HA! Between the twins being born, moving, and a worldwide pandemic, it’s only taken me nine months to get back to it! 


Since we FINALLY got our family heirloom piano moved to our house, I’m planning out what art to put above it. We already have several gallery walls in the works so I wanted to get a large poster as a statement piece (preferably music related). I found these posters on Etsy and they are exactly what I envisioned. The Sufjan Stevens one is on my Christmas wish list!


I’ve just recently gotten into Youtube. I know, I know. I’m 10 years late to this one. My 21 year old sister has teased me plenty about this. While I’ve obviously used Youtube somewhat regularly for years, having a smart TV and a lot of “free time” feeding the babies is perfect for some Youtube content. While I’m sure I’ll highlight what channels I’ve been following in other future blog posts, a few of my favorites include Alexa Sunshine83 (fashion & thrifting), James Hoffman (coffee), and Epic Gardening (Urban Gardening).



We’ve been wanting an espresso machine for a while and after 6 months of quarantining, we finally got one! One of the main things that held us back from purchasing one was the cost of a quality machine. The ROK was the most budget friendly option we found (that still will make a decent shot) and we love that it’s sustainably made and completely manual. They also make quality manual grinders if you’re in the market for one (we don’t own one but I’ve heard good feedback from others). 



While we technically went at the end of September, The Art of The Pumpkin exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is the perfect fall activity. We kept our masks on other than to take a few pictures and it was such a refreshing way to get out of the house. 



I’ve only listened to the first few episodes so far, but I am absolutely loving this refreshing and uplifting podcast. If you enjoyed her book, Becoming, you won’t be disappointed. So far, one of my favorite episodes has been The Gift of Girlfriends where Michelle sits down with some of her girlfriends and they discuss what it was like to befriend the First Lady and the importance of friendship.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful October. I think we all are trying to figure out what the approaching holiday season will look like this year. While it will be very different than our norm, I'm still looking forward to the hope and joy that the season brings!

Facebook Marketplace 101

*This post is sponsored by Gozova. Keep reading to learn more about them and why they are the perfect App for a Facebook Marketplace shopper.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me rave about Facebook Marketplace. Maybe you are a fellow fanatic or maybe you have no idea what the big hype is all about. If you’re the latter, I’d love to walk you through a little Facebook Marketplace crash course.

I think it’s worth noting that a good amount of my home is items that I’ve gotten off of Facebook Marketplace. It has been an excellent resource for me to furnish our home sustainably and within our budget. 

While I’ve gotten SO MANY items on Facebook Marketplace, I’d have to say that some of my favorites include our dining room buffet, this peacock fireplace screen, and a swan basket that I keep in the nursery. A lot of people have told me that they haven’t had much luck finding items on Marketplace so I decided to go ahead and put together a little guide


Selling on Marketplace is an easy way to make some extra money. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about shipping items and that the buyers will come to me.  

Things to include in a listing...

  • Good images of the actual item you are selling (professional product images can be included, but the real item you are selling needs to be pictured)
  • Good description and photos of any damage or imperfections
  • Include keywords that people might be searching
  • Measurements (if applicable)
  • A zip code or general area where you live and whether you want to meet buyer or sell via porch pick up
  • Selling price
  • Payment options
  • If the item is crossposted (posted on multiple groups)



In addition to Marketplace, you can also join local private groups in your neighborhood or city. I like these groups because you’re less likely to be ghosted or scammed. Since the groups are private, bad buyers/sellers will be reported and removed. There are also usually strict policies about the kind of items that can be posted to maintain quality control. Plus, it makes life so much easier when you can pick up things so close to your home. 



A fan of a specific clothing brand or a certain era of vintage furniture? Topical Buy/Sell/Trade pages are a great way to find items to fit your niche interest. I’m in B/S/T pages for baby clothing brands that I love, mid century home decor, and shops that I love but can’t necessarily afford new like Anthropology.



If you’ve scrolled through Marketplace with zero luck finding things, here are some tips to help you out... 

  • Curate your Marketplace feed: the algorithm probably doesn’t know what you’re looking for. I search things like “mid century furniture”, “MCM”, vintage planters”, and things along those lines. The more you intentional search for these things, the more similar listings will automatically be in your feed. You can also search for brand names that you like.
  • Use Marketplace often: I get on Marketplace and buy/sell/pages ALL THE TIME (the good items go fast) and frequently search the keywords of items I like. 
  • Look on Marketplace before you buy new: Not only is this a sustainable practice, it will also save you so much money!
  • Be patient: For purchases that aren’t time sensitive, give it some time. Sometimes I find the perfect piece after weeks and weeks of looking on Marketplace.



One of my favorite types of items to get on Marketplace is furniture, unfortunately I don’t have a truck or trailer to pick up bigger items. Gozova is a Fort Worth based App that allows you to schedule pick up and deliveries with ease. I recently bought a patio set on Marketplace and after sending my payment to the seller via Venmo, a Gozova team picked up the patio set that evening and set it up on our back patio. It is the perfect service for when you need help moving but don’t need a full home moving service (though they do offer that as well).

If you use Gozova, be sure to use the code, “JESSICA-IRVIN” for 10% off your first order.


If you’re buying/selling in a FB group, be sure to read that specific group's rules. If you don’t follow them, you can get kicked out of the group. Here is some general etiquette to keep in mind while shopping on Marketplace...

  • As a Marketplace buyer, try to coordinate to pick up your item in a timely manner (within the next few days)
  • Pay the way the seller prefers 
  • Don’t ghost the seller - communicate if you change your mind on an item
  • Try to give people 24 hrs to respond to your messages 



I’m sure some of you might be questioning the safety of buying items from individuals on the internet, especially when it requires going to their home or giving them your personal address. While I’ve never had a bad experience, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • If you don’t want someone coming to your home, offer to deliver the item or to meet in a safe and public place.
  • Consider letting someone know when you are going to pickup an item and where you’ll be.
  • Don’t send an exact address to the seller until the day of pickup and/or they have sent payment.
  • Know that groups tend to have less safety and fraud issues since any problematic sellers/buyers are removed from the group.
  • Pay attention to Facebook Marketplace reviews (new feature - so a buyer or seller might not necessarily have reviews yet)
  • Look at the profile of the buyer/seller. If a profile looks spammy (no profile picture, stock looking photos, etc.), don’t be afraid to ignore it.



  • F or Following: the commenter is “Following” the post and wants to be notified of other comments
  • PM or DM: Sending private/direct message, usually to ask question about product or discuss details
  • ISO: In Search Of item, the person isn’t selling an item
  • Want: Claiming and committing to buy an item
  • Next: Next In Line for an item
  • Bump: A comment for a person is trying to get their post to the top of the feed
  • NWT: New With Tags
  • NWOT: New Without Tags
  • NIB: New In Box
  • EUC: Excellent Used Condition
  • GU/GUC: Good Used Condition
  • Cross Posted: the item is listed in multiple places
  • NH: No Holds
  • FCFA: First Come, First Available
  • PPU: Depending on context, sold Pending Pick Up or Porch Pick Up

What treasures have you scored on Facebook Marketplace? I want to hear all about it!

My Favorite Baby Products

*This post contains affiliate links*

If you’ve ever put together a baby registry, you are well aware of the fact that there are SO MANY baby products out there. Unfortunately, you really don’t need many of them and your baby might outgrow them before you get any use out of them. Here is a round up of some of the products that we use daily and have been well worth the investment. 


The twins have primarily been bottle fed, so we’ve gotten a LOT of use out of our bottles! We started out with Dr. Browns bottles because that is what the NICU used and they offered the preemie nipples, but we have transitioned to the Como Tomo bottles now. One of the main reasons I love these bottles is because they are so much easier to clean than the Dr. Browns bottles were.


These are definitely on the pricier end of baby products, but if you have multiples I think they’re a must! I didn’t splurge for the covers but the entire thing is washable if you have any accidents (which you will). Especially when they were little, I loved having a safe place to put them while doing dishes, cleaning, etc. I definitely recommend finding them used online or waiting to purchase during their black Friday sale (I got ours BOGO that way).



We love our Loveverly play mat! There are a ton of options for play mats but I chose this one because…

1- It’s one of the cuter options for play mats

2- It’s on the bigger side and I can fit both babies on it if needed

3- It doubles as a tent when the kids get older

The Play Gym comes with some hanging toys, cards and a little mirror that can go into a slot on the side of the mat, and the piece that transforms it into a tent.


I love this changing pad! As comfy as fabric changing pads are, they kind of gross me out and it’s just another thing to wash. This changing pad sits perfectly on top of a dresser and can easily be wiped clean between each use. Similar (but more expensive) alternatives to this changing pad are the Hatch, Skip Hop, and Bumbo.


We’ve tried so many different types of pacifiers and the BIBS are by far our favorite. Not only are they the cutest, we found that the babies held them in their mouth the best. They come in a wide variety of colors so if you’re a twin parent and color coordinating is your thing, you will love this option. We started out keeping the twins pacifiers separate, but that didn’t last long. haha


Every mom knows that a good baby carrier is a staple to have! I love my Happy Baby Carrier because it isn’t bulky like so many baby carriers on the market and the babies stay safe and secure while I’m moving around. Another big plus to this brand is that they offer multiple color and design options, because you shouldn’t have to settle for only black!


Just like for my own clothing, I see a lot of value in purchasing a few quality products instead of a ton of cheaper options. My favorite clothing brand has quickly become KYTE because their products are SO SOFT (made out of bamboo), perfect for sensitive skin, made sustainably, super duper cute, and based in North Texas. Their sleeveless rompers are currently my favorite pieces and I look forward to the babies using their sleep sacks once we stop swaddling them. 


All I can say is that this product is a LIFE SAVER when trying to get out of the house with an infant. Instead of having to buckle your baby in multiple times, the Snap-N-Go allows you to easily transfer your little one while keeping them in their car seat. I love how lightweight this piece is and it makes twin life so much easier (double version here).


I cannot speak highly enough of this mini crib! Until we found out we were having twins, I didn’t even know mini cribs existed. I highly recommend skipping a bassinet and going straight to a mini crib (which typically lasts until babies are 3 years old). These cribs also fold up and move easily if you need to tuck them away for any reason. These cribs come with a thin mattress (the equivalent of a pack n play mattress, so we just invested in some thicker mattresses to switch out.


The twins both LOVE bath time and I think a lot of it has to do with our Blooming Bath. Instead of a cold and hard countertop bathtub, this cozy padded piece fits right into your sink. It’s also machine washable and super easy to clean whenever bath time accidents happen.


If you’re putting together a baby registry, I hope this is a helpful guide of products to consider. For all you mamas out there, what are some of your favorite products?


6 Lessons I Learned After 45 Days in NICU

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I knew that a NICU stay was likely. However, no one plans for their babies to come as early as 31 weeks.The twins were delivered in an OR with a large NICU team ready to take them (I only briefly got to hold our little boy in the OR). 

It’s not surprising that a NICU stay is hard, but I can testify that you aren’t aware of all the challenges until you’ve experienced it yourself (not to mention all of the challenges COVID-19 shutdowns added). I’m thankful for so many words of wisdom that I received from former NICU parents, so I hope to be helpful and an encouragement to any NICU parents I meet. 

While it’s hard to summarize the entire NICU experience, I want to highlight 6 takeaways from the twins NICU stay. 


There’s a lot of little things to figure out in the NICU. Not only are you trying to stay up to date with medical state of your baby (or babies), you need to learn a million other things like where to wash your pump supplies, where to get a pump, how to change a diaper while maneuvering around wires and tubes, understanding what the monitors tell you so you don’t fret at every alarm going off, etc. The nurses and staff are there to help you just as much as they are there to help your baby.


Premature birth is a very scary thing and it’s especially hard when you have no idea when your baby will get to come home. Rather than dwelling on them being ready to go home, it’s helpful to acknowledge where your baby is at and celebrate the little wins. Whether your little one is getting their IV removed or passing a car seat test, celebrate it all! 


One of the hard things about the NICU experience is that so many things you anticipate about the birth and postpartum are completely crushed. You likely won’t be able to hold your baby after birth, you won’t get the family photo you’ve planned and pictures, you might spend a long time exclusively pumping before feeding your baby yourself, etc. Know it’s okay to grieve these things! 


It’s easy to feel guilty leaving the hospital. Know that whatever amount of time you can spend with your babies is what’s best. There are so many different things to consider depending on if you have to go back to work, if you have older kids, how far you are from the hospital, and more. The NICU team is taking good care of your little one and it’s important for you to do what’s best for your family. 


Just like you won’t know how things work in the NICU until you experience it, your family and friends definitely won’t. There’s a lot of things people won’t think about, like the fact that you probably are already sleep deprived even though the babies aren’t home yet (gotta love that 3 hour exclusive pumping schedule). NICU life can be very lonely at times so talking through it with close family friends can be extremely helpful.  


Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are all very common for NICU parents (you can read a little bit more about it here). From entering the hospital and passing mothers leaving from their “normal” birth with a baby in their arms to the constant beeping monitors, there are so many things that can trigger anxiety. Know that it is completely understanding to feel this way. If you need to talk to professionals for help, most hospitals offer resources within the NICU department.  


Not a NICU parent but want to help someone who is? Here are some easy ways to be a blessing to them…

  • Buy them gift cards for restaurants nearby (or inside) the hospital they’re at.
  • If they have older kids, offer to babysit while they are at the hospital.
  • If they’re far from the hospital, money for gas.
  • Put together a care basket with snacks to take on the go.
  • Give the mom lactation cookies and other pumping/nursing supplies

What I’ve Been Loving Lately: January 2020

I’ve been wanting to do a series like this for FOREVER and I’ve finally gotten around to making it happen. I’m excited to update you monthly with things I’ve been loving lately and I’d love to hear some of the things you’ve been loving lately too. While I will include some physical products in these roundups, I want to be intentional about the majority of them being resources or content to consume. I’m always working on buying less stuff and I’m sure many of you can relate!

A Beautiful Mess Podcast
As a long time fan of the A Beautiful Mess blog and podcast listener, I was thrilled when Elsie and Emma announced their podcast. It has been a treat getting to learn more about each of them and they have such wonderful advice for homemaking and being women in business. Listen to the podcast here

Facebook Marketplace and Buy/Sell/Trade Pages
I’ve been a big fan of shopping on Facebook for awhile now, but it has come especially handy in the baby prep process! I’ve gotten several higher dollar baby items that I don’t necessarily expect to get at showers off of Facebook and it’s already saved me SO much money. I’ve also gotten in the habit of trying to find a secondhand option on Facebook before making any home decor or clothing purchases, you’d be surprised by the selection of name brand products! It’s also been a wonderful option for finding maternity clothes.

My Pink Timberland Boots
I’ve been wanting to get some quality boots that are comfy, waterproof, and will last me a long time. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I wanted a color option and these Women's Nellie Waterproof Chukka Boots were the best option I could find to meet my budget and quality expectations. Definitely recommend these cute pink shoes! 

The Immigration Coalition
When you don’t identify with either political party, it can feel like you’re in a difficult and complicated place. I’ve been so encouraged by The Immigration Coalition Instagram account as their posts are right in line with my beliefs and views. 

HBO Chernobyl Series
(Note: This series is obviously based on a catastrophic event and contains some graphic content)
This was one of the series we watched in 2020 and WOW! This limited release tv series was extremely well done and opened my eyes to what a tragic event this truly was. It reminded me of the danger of pride and how it can lead to the harm of so many people.

The Archer by Alexandra Savior
This is my favorite album of 2020 (as of January 28th - haha)! I’ve definitely had this album on repeat because it has great vibes and has fit the mood of our overcast weather we’ve had lately.

What have you been loving this January?

Choosing to Frost It Forward in 2020

*This post was sponsored by Frost Bank for their Frost It Forward campaign*

With the start of the new year you’re probably thinking about ways to better yourself in 2020. One common resolution is to volunteer more, which is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. While I think that volunteering regularly should be a priority in each of our lives, I believe that it is extremely important for us to recognize the people we know who have dedicated their lives and entire careers to helping others. 


The people serving day in and day out are the ones who make the biggest impact. However, observing those I know in nonprofit spaces, I’m more aware than ever that their dedication leads to emotional exhaustion and what is commonly called compassion fatigue. While a few volunteer hours here and there are helpful (and necessary), I’ve decided to start being more intentional about giving back to those who have dedicated their lives to giving back. Not only does this help them become more refreshed personally, the people they serve will be better loved as a result. When Frost Bank reached out to me about partnering with them for their Frost It Forward campaign, I knew I wanted to give back to the staff and volunteers of a local nonprofit.  


One of the nonprofits that I love in north Texas is Cornerstone Crossroads Academy (CCA). CCA is much more than a school. In addition to earning credits towards a high school diploma, CCA students have several opportunities for development and support. Every student who enrolls at CCA is expected to graduate with a high school diploma and enter college and/or the workforce. Students are also equipped to learn, think, plan, and problem-solve. 

I used my Frost It Forward Card to purchase drinks, snacks, office supplies, and a restaurant gift card for the CCA staff and volunteers. Frost also provided $10 Frost It Forward gift card for the staff to use as prizes for students or to take students out for meals.   


How can you spread generosity and optimism this year? While there are countless ways to do so, here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Buy groceries for a family struggling financially.
  • Pay for the meal of someone else in the restaurant. 
  • Leave a gift at your doorstep for your mailman or package delivery person.
  • Buy some food or food delivery gift cards gift cards for the family of someone who is hospitalized. 
  • Give a monetary donation to a nonprofit of your choice.

Do you have your own unique idea to spread generosity? You can share your idea with Frost and you may receive a gift card to Frost It Forward this season here.

Weekend trip to Nashville

Since Noah and I were already in Arkansas after Christmas, we decided to go a little further east and enjoy a weekend trip to Nashville before the end of the year. This was a very quick trip and pretty unplanned (compared to my usual crazy vacation agendas) but a very recharging and refreshing time!

Things to do and places to shop:

  • I Believe in Nashville mural 
  • Drive down Music Row 
  • Amelia’s Flower Truck
  • Broadway Street 
  • Madewell Denim Edit Mural
  • Arcade Kids gift shop
  • Hey Rooster gift shop
  • The Parthenon 
  • Draper James Mural (Blue and white)
  • Third Man Records
  • Grimey’s Records
  • Anaconda Vintage

Places to eat and drink:

  • Five Daughters Bakery 
  • Jeni's Ice Cream
  • Biscuit Love
  • Frothy Monkey
  • Jack's BBQ
  • Proper Bagel
  • Hattie B’s


If you happen to be driving through Memphis on your way to Nashville, it is definitely worth stopping at a few places to break up the drive. We got brunch at The Liquor Store, visited the National Civil Rights Museum (allow several hours for this), and got drinks at Low Fi Coffee.

First Trimester Recap


After the miscarriage in the spring, we were intentional to make trying again very low pressure and just be patient for the right timing. Anyone who has tried to get pregnant knows that the several week waiting period to see if you’re pregnant can feel like an eternity. Noah and I had been wanting to get tattoos together, so we went ahead and booked appointments. The day before our appointment, my cycle was late and I just had that feeling. So, I went ahead and bought a test. Guess who didn’t get a tattoo the next day? 


When I had my miscarriage, we found out at my first sonogram at 9 weeks. When I had my first sonogram for this pregnancy at 6 weeks, we came in with zero expectations and guarded emotions. What a surprise when my doctor turned the screen around to show not only baby A, but a baby B too! We could see two distinct sacs and hear both heartbeats which was a HUGE relief and milestone we hadn’t been able to experience yet. We’ve always joked about having twins, little did we know it would be a reality. 


Looking back, the first symptom I had was that I was starving all the time. I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up hungry (which I’ve never dealt with before). Overall, first trimester was ROUGH. I was completely exhausted, dealt with very bad nausea, and had a lot of dizziness. However, anyone who’s had a previous loss knows that bad symptoms are something to be thankful for. When we found out I had two babies in there, my extreme sickness made a little more sense (it can be common for the symptoms to be worse with multiples). As a very active and social person, this time period was difficult because I had to say no to a lot of things and just push through the things I couldn’t say no to. I told a lot of close friends early on, but it is a difficult thing to make excuses for being out of it without sharing the news.


Did you do IVF?
NOPE! They were spontaneous twins!

Are they identical?
They are di-di twins (one of the many terms I didn’t know until I found out I was pregnant with twins haha) so we will not know until they are either different genders (automatic fraternal) or until after they’re born. 

What kind of twins are they?
If you aren’t familiar with twins, you’re probably not aware of there being more to twins than them being identical or fraternal. I didn’t know much more until we were on this journey! Our twins are di/di (dichorionic/diamniotic). This simply means that they are completely separate in the womb, with separate chorions and their own amniotic sac. My doctor quickly assured me that this is the safest type of twin pregnancy with the least amount of complications.

Do twins run in your family?
Yes, actually! We’ve always kind of joked about the possibility of having twins but never truly imagined it would become our reality.

Are you going to find out the gender?
Absolutely, I’m too much of a planner to wait! We actually found out last week at my anatomy scan so I will post the genders with my second trimester recap.

What’s different about a twin pregnancy?
Obviously every pregnancy is unique but the biggest things have just been extra doctor appointments (since any pregnancy with multiples is automatically considered high risk). A lot of people say that twin pregnancies can have much worse morning sickness, which I feel like I felt that during my first trimester haha. In general I’m measuring bigger than average but it wasn’t necessarily visibly noticeable during the first trimester. The biggest differences will definitely become evident the further we get into the pregnancy.


  • Belly bands: Since you aren’t ready for maternity clothes in the first trimester, belly bands are the perfect way to make your jeans last a little longer when your bloating really bad. Plus, they can offer support if you are having early round ligament pains. You can get belly bands pretty cheap but I went ahead and splurged on one from BLANQI with extra support since I knew I would need later in the pregnancy.
  • My bedside snack stash: Since I kept waking up in the night hungry and because eating in the morning before getting out of bed helped with morning sickness, this thing was a life saver! This bedside stash was filled with granola bars, different types of crackers, pretzels, and fruit snacks. 
  • Ginger gum: To help with nausea throughout the day, I kept packs of this gum everywhere from my bedroom to my car. You can buy ginger gum at a lot of health stores but I bought these off Amazon.
  • Smoothies: Because I couldn’t stomach much food, smoothies were a food I could actually look forward to and they made me feel good about getting some nutrition in my body (in addition to prenatal vitamins). 
  • The Bump and What To Expect Apps: Since you aren’t showing yet and first trimester sonograms are minimal, pregnancy apps are a great way to understand what your body and baby is doing each week. Download those here and here

Creative Share & Care Event

Photography by the wonderful Kylie Hull

In the fall, I won an Instagram giveaway with Flea Style and had the opportunity to host an event in their beautiful event space. I’ve been wanting to host an event with some creative friends so this was the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, this happened to land during the worst of my first trimester morning sickness and I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked to with the event (BUT it still was a wonderful time with some dear friends).

The goal of this event was for creatives to get together over brunch, share what creative projects they’ve been working on, and for everyone to give feedback. In a world that is so digital, it is rare to have face to face interactions with others about your work. All creatives know that while Instagram can be full of wonderful things, it can also be full of comparisons and loneliness.  

Interested in hosting an event like this for your creative community?
Here are some things to consider as you plan…
(Again, I didn’t do this all perfectly since I was so sick but live and learn!)

  • Choose a space that will be comfortable for everyone. Ideally, someone’s home is great (and a free option) but a small event space can be a great setting as well.
  • Give everyone an idea of what to present. A great outline is to do a basic introduction of themselves, what they’ve been working on lately, and what they hope to do in the future.
  • Be mindful of how everyone will present. Physical examples of work are ideal but it is not necessarily practical for everyone to print their work. I also brought a projector for everyone to use with a laptop (though the room was SO BRIGHT with no shades - so definitely remember to consider the room ahead of time).
  • Ask everyone to bring a snack or drink to share. Food makes any event better and there is no reason to put all that work on just you!
  • Creatives are busy people. Encourage people that even if they don’t have time to prep ahead of time, they are still welcome!
  • If many people at the event won’t already know each other, bring a sheet or send a digital document with everyone's username and info.